Quench your Thirst with ByWard’s Best Brews- Our Favourite Spots to Grab a Beer in Ottawa

Favourite Spots to Grab a Beer in Ottawa

The warm sun is bound to make you thirsty as the summer weather swiftly takes over the city. Ottawa’s charming ByWard Market is home to the capital’s largest concentrations of popular pubs and pretty patios. From tranquil, romantic settings to the happening after-work scene, the ByWard has a beer joint that is sure to suit your style.

From German sour ale, to a summer cider, quench your thirst with ArtHaus Condos’ list of favorite spots to grab a beer in Ottawa.

The Albions Room

Favourite Spots to Grab a Beer in Ottawa

A cluster of small spaces within the trendy Novotel hotel, The Albion Rooms is a set of bars, including a cosy lounge, a bright patio and a tucked-away dining room. A clubby place with a view of the kitchen features wooden tables, plush banquettes and sleek leather chairs give a comforting air to this modern-style space.  The Albion Rooms is a farm-to-table focused spot with local craft beers on tap, in addition to  their renowned array of interesting signature cocktails. Pair your brew with some creative eats such as their famously exquisite charcuterie boards. Select from eight available meats, with such choices as house-made pork-and-duck terrine, foie gras torchon and boar rillettes, generously supported by superior pickled veg, dried fruit, perky condiments and assorted seeds. As charcuterie boards go, the Albion Rooms serves one of the city’s best. Local craft beers are continually changing as the seasons change, and offer a strong selection  from a light fresh ale to a hoppy IPA.

Brothers Bistro

Favourite Spots to Grab a Beer in Ottawa

This small but upscale Bistro in the ByWard Market is the perfect marriage between fantastic food and exceptional beer. A welcoming, open atmosphere is styled with a woodsy meets modern decor. At Brothers Bistro you can even eat your beer, with all their dishes involving the brew in some fashion. The cuisine is presented beautifully and features well-defined flavours. Foodies will enjoy endorphin rushes from their finely tuned plates, accented by hits of preserved lemon. The beer list will impress the best connoisseurs, with a selection of 16 beers on tap and 60 available by the bottle. If you’re not knowledgeable on beer, the bistro makes things easy by suggesting pairings with its dishes; the refreshing Stiegl Radler and Coopers Sparkling Ale go down easy with their respective dishes. If you manage just one dessert — try the beer and pretzels, a large Mason jar filled with porter-tinged chocolate pudding, mingled with fig and orange compote and topped with salted caramel mousse, set beside a made-in-house pretzel.

Origin Coffee House & Lounge

Favourite Spots to Grab a Beer in Ottawa

Origin is a quaint cafe tucked away in a brick heritage building, that offers a scrumptious selection of regional foods and beverages, that reflect their love for Ottawa. Given that Origin is big on supporting local suppliers, their ingredients are fresh, and their local brew list impressive. They source their foods from Ontario farms, their wine from local wineries and beers from local breweries. This small cafe and lounge bar features a small room in the back for groups, along with a few beautiful leather chairs and bar seating that makes it a great spot for sipping a brew on a date. The modern, industrial decor of Origin is stylishly done, while their outdoor patio is absolutely picturesque on a sunny summer day. Go for Social Thursdays $5 craft beer after work and be sure to try one of their cheese plates-you won’t regret it!

Craft Beer Market

Favourite Spots to Grab a Beer in Ottawa

CRAFT Beer Market is a casual resto with a passion for fresh local food and great craft beer. Sophisticated comfort food, unique craft beers and a spacious patio make this spot a go-to destination. Leading the emerging shift toward craft brewing and local food, this is the place where people can enjoy fresh Ottawa-grown food and beers from all over the world under one roof, such as a white beer flavoured with coriander and orange peel evoking a sweet and sour taste. A perfect place for people watching, you can take in the sights and sounds of the bustling ByWard while tasting new and exciting flavours.

The ByWard Market is the place to be, whether you want to sidle up to the bar or have a tasty craft beer with dinner, moment from your ArtHaus condo.

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