Restaurants to Match the Surrounding Effervescence

With Griffintown West changing by the minute, many eateries are popping up, to the great delight of residents in this desirable neighbourhood. That being said, several foodies from all over town are also coming by to sample some irresistible cuisine, often served in a lavish decor.

To help you find your way while making your mouth water, we have surveyed some of the most recent establishments. DevMcGill’s team members have graciously accepted to transform themselves into improvised food critics and share their impressions to arouse your curiosity and stimulate your palate.

Just like our Noca residential project, these establishments boldly add to the surrounding services. Your curiosity will surely be aroused. On that note, enjoy!

Le Bird Bar
1800 Notre-Dame Street West

Specialty: Chicken N Waffles: a great rehabilitated American classic prepared in a wide range of styles and often served with sparkling wine.
According to Tina, our Marketing Director, this has proven to be a winning combination: “Enjoying fried chicken with my bubbly… That’s my kind of restaurant. I just love the Bird Bar!”

Perles et Paddock
403 Des Seigneurs Street

Speciality: super fresh market cuisine prepared according to the flavour of the day

Fanny, our Development Coordinator, thinks that the establishment is really something: “The decor is magnificent, the food delicious and the place has a party atmosphere.”

Makro Pêcheries (with its king crab):
1726 Notre-Dame Street West

Speciality: as the name implies, Makro Pêcheries features every type of fish dishes.

Stéphane, DevMcGill’s President feels that this is a place worth discovering: “this is excellent cuisine and the atmosphere is really quite pleasant.”


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