Riding your bike in the city

In summer, several construction sites are causing a lot of inconvenience and headaches to the drivers. With traffic, detours, road closures, you have no idea where to go. Why won’t you choose for an alternative and environmentally friendly transportation? Riding your bike improve your mood and your health at the same time. Since several years, the city worked to improve their facilities to be more optimal. Cyclists can now move from North to South and from East to West without using their horn – or just get easily to the metro station of their choice where several parking lots are available to the users and their bicycle.

The Villeray – Saint-Michel – Parc-Extension neighborhood, the one where are built the Castelnau and Ateliers Castelnau projects, is one of the boroughs that have made the most bike paths in the last five years. This area is also second beside Montreal neighborhoods where the number of cycling rides is highest (source: Metro). Enjoy as well!

Bicycles Sharing System


You want to use a bike, but you don’t want to buy one? Several neighborhoods provided BIXI stations that allow you to enjoy the service and move between one and the other without thinking of locking your bike. You only have to register on their website and from April 15th to November 15th, use the service to move from a destination to another.

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