Say Cheese! Top Places in the Neighbourhood to Get your Fromage Fix

Top Places in the Neighbourhood to Get your Fromage Fix

Whether your taste is one of indulging in a ripe Camembert, grazing on an after-dinner cheeseboard or spreading a rich cream cheese on your bagel accompanied by lox , there’s a whole lot to love about the Byward Market’s cheese selections.

ArtHaus Condos has compiled this list of the top spots in the neighbourhood to get your fromage fix.

International Cheese Incorporated

Top Places in the Neighbourhood to Get your Fromage Fix

House of Cheese

Top Places in the Neighbourhood to Get your Fromage Fix

House of Cheese has a world of selection of cheese. There is something here for every taste. This fromage-dedicated shop carried specialty domestic cheeses with a wide range of tastes and textures that are sure to be a hit for any meal. Get exactly what you want, in the quantity that suits you–as most of their brands of each cheese are available in pre-packaged as well as custom cut. If you plan on serving your cheese at your next condo soiree, a perfect complement is to offer a nice early evening cup of tea or coffee while indulging in some imported chocolate or truffles. Go ahead, spoil yourself with  specialty biscuits, european cakes, ladyfingers, maple syrup and marzipan to bring out the flavours of your cheese board. Perfect for a soiree or just to enjoy as a snack, pick up some bread or crackers with one of their many pâtés that will suit your appetite. Be sure to return regularly–their stock is continually changing as new taste sensations appear!

La Bottega Nicastro

Top Places in the Neighbourhood to Get your Fromage Fix

La Bottega Nicastro is the best place for anything Italian in Ottawa. Located in the Byward market, this Italian fine food and deli shop is a local favourite. La Bottega has many imported products that would not be found in your typical supermarket. Their narrow aisles are filled with exceptional varieties of top-notch pasta, sweet treats, olive oils, preserved produces, and espressos. Tucked beside the restaurant is the deli section where they serve a wide selection of cheeses.  You may know this famous Ottawa stores for their Italian specialty foods, but that doesn’t mean they only carry Italian cheese! Grab a fresh baguette from their bakery area, or create an authentic Italian meal with one of their fine cheese selections as the star. Bottega’s cheese selection is outdone only by their renowned friendly and food-savvy customer service.

Market Organics

Top Places in the Neighbourhood to Get your Fromage Fix

Market Organics is much more than a natural food store. This spot is a quite large establishment., filled with the finest in fresh, packaged, and homemade foods. If you’re looking to provide cheeses that will satisfy a variety of dietary needs, this is the primary source for new varieties of cheese. Dairy-free and vegan cheeses have come a long way this day age, composed of almonds or cashews, coconut or soy-based, and flavoured in such delectables as cranberry, chive and jalapeno. Complement these unique cheeses with one of their delicious fresh organic baguettes like the thyme and caramelized onion, cheddar and espelette, or sundried tomato and garlic.

Byward Outdoor Market

Top Places in the Neighbourhood to Get your Fromage Fix

The hotspot for fresh local produce, the Byward Market outdoor food stalls are an Ottawa institution. In past years, vendors have been limited primarily to vegetables, fruits, plants, jams and syrups. As if this wondrous array of artisanal offerings could get any better, Ottawa City Council has given the thumbs up to local makers to sell their cheeses makers! The city is expanding the criteria for its outdoor markets to include a new “microprocessor” category. Microprocessors are considered small-scale, local producers who are “actively and directly engaged in the transformation or processing of an agri-food product”. Cheeses makers can now sell their wares at stands as early as May. Exciting news for Byward dwellers-as you can now pick up all your necessities for entertaining at this one stop outdoor foods stuff haven, from organic cocktail tomatoes, fresh dill to accompany your cheese platter, and a lovely bouquet of blooms to adorn your tablescape.

The Byward is known for hosting some of the finest food shops in the nation’s capital. Get your fromage fix, support local businesses, and indulge in the art of living well, moments from your ArtHaus Condos in the historic Byward Market.

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