Smart Technology Trends You Can Incorporate Into Your Condo

Integrating smart tech into condos is becoming more and more popular with homeowners who are wanting to automate their lives so they can make the most of their time spent at home. These types of devices will not only save you time, money and stress; they’ll also help you live a life fit for the 21st century. Here are our favourite types of smart home products that are perfectly condo friendly.

Security Cameras

Investing in a few plug and play security cameras are a great way to step up the safety of your home, allowing you to keep an eye on what matters most wherever you are from your smartphone. They’re also a fantastic way to keep tabs on your family when you’re running late from work and alerting you of any unusual activity while you’re on vacation. Some models give you the capability to review security video footage, or even speak with people inside your home through two-way audio! We recommend Wyze Cam, as they are incredibly affordable (starting at just $20!), offer 14-day free cloud storage, and includes a full HD live stream direct to your smartphone day or night with night vision. Their whole home starter kit for $165 dollars consists of two Wyze Cam v2, one Wyze Cam Pan and one 32GB MicroSD Card.

smart camera in condo

Smart Plugs

Save money on your electricity bill and customize your daily routines by investing in a few smart plugs to put in and around your home. These are an excellent option for those who own condos because they require no installment and can be easily moved from room to room. It’s also a cost-effective way to turn everyday items into smart ones as you’ll have the capability to turn them off and on from wherever you are! When it comes to smart plugs, we recommend Belkin WeMo Insight Smart Plugs. They are compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Nest, and can even track power usage and costs!

smart plug in condo

Smart Thermostats

Having control of your thermostat will save you hundreds of dollars. These types of products can be used with other types of home automation and control your home’s heating and/or air conditioning. Like a programmable thermostat, they allow you to control the temperature of your home throughout the day using a schedule, such as setting a different temperature at night but can be done 100% remotely. This gives you an advantage as you’ll be able to monitor your homes temperature and heating/air conditioning usage. When it comes to smart thermostats, Nest is the company that immediately comes to mind. Synonymous with this type of smart home product, they’ve paved the way for others, but still remain the best on the market. The Nest Learning Thermostat programs itself and helps conserve energy. Seamlessly control the temperature of your home from within the Nest app from wherever you are.


Smart Lighting

One of the most popular types of home tech that have been introduced to many homes is smart lights. Not only can you automate your day, creating a routine of when your lights are on or off, but you can also choose the type of lighting you want depending on your mood. So whether you’re hosting a movie night, a dance party or just wanting to read your lights can be set from your smartphone. Best of all, it’s a way to ensure lights are off while you’re away, and gives you the ability to turn off the lights when you’re already comfy on your couch! While there’s a lot of smart bulbs on the market, Bazz Smart Home Lighting need no hub and are compatible with a slew of smart devices that are probably already within your home. LED bulbs start at just $24.99, with a life of 25 000 hours.

DevMcGill builds with Integrated Smart Tech:

Did you know that DevMcGill is incorporating features like these within their condo builds? NOCA condos in Griffintown all come equipped with smart tech that allows you to unlock your door or control your thermostats right from your smartphone. Over at Ateliers Castelneau, you will be able to control access to the lobby via video calls, the condo entrance lock, and temperature in the main room of your condo by sliding a finger on a smartphone or tablet!


Interested in buying a smart condo of your own? Explore one of DevMcGill’s residential projects! These developments are located in different neighbourhoods across the city and offer a range of options based on your lifestyle. For more information, visit our website or call 514-288-4737.


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