Tak Village Back-to-back Townhouses | A new destination in Rosemont-Angus now within your reach!

Tak Village – Rosemont Angus

Many members of our fine sales and marketing team, in partnership with McGill Immobilier, have had the opportunity to see for themselves recently: the beautiful back-to-back homes in our project are almost complete.

In fact, construction continues at a steady pace and the last back-to-back 8 homes in this phase will be available for occupancy as early as next February. The second floor has been completed and the third floor is being installed. The structure of the interior walls is finished in the basement and the plumbing and electrical connections are being processed in the basement.

Take advantage of the warm weather to visit the construction site. You will see how everything has been planned to put forward a unique lifestyle in a green and sustainable environment.

3 simple and efficient ways to contact us:

1. In person
You may be the type of person who prefers to shake hands. You can also discover the range of finishes offered and take a tour of the site.
Sales Office: 4820 4e Avenue Condo 100,
Montréal, QC H1Y 0C9

2. On the phone
Efficient, audible and informal. Our representatives will actively listen to you, and will make sure they understand your expectations while taking note of your requests.
T : 514-900-3434

3. By Teams
Yes, we go with the flow and we ride the wave. Practical, simple and proven, this method allows you to enjoy all the benefits or our products and services.

Check out the floor plans here



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