Tak Village Condos phase 3: delivery dates and project progress

Dear Clients,

We are pleased to confirm that, if all goes according to the current schedule, the delivery dates for the phase 3 condos will be as follows:
• Ground and 2nd floors:
deliveries are expected to begin on
November 1, 2021

• 3rd and 4th floors:
deliveries are expected to begin on
November 22, 2021

• 5th and 6th floors:
deliveries are expected to begin on
December 13, 2021

In addition, please note that the exterior spaces will be built as soon as the mild weather arrives in 2022.

As for the construction progress, we are pleased to confirm that:

• The structural work has been completed
• The roof membrane has been installed
• The metal studs for the wall framing are installed up to the 6th floor
• Wall closures are complete on the 2nd floor and in progress on the 3rd floor
• Main lines are in place up to the 5th floor
• Windows are being installed
• Urethane spraying has taken place on the first floor and is underway on the upper floors
• Masonry work has begun on the first floor

Do not hesitate to contact our representatives for any questions.

Please be careful

If your curiosity leads you to the area around the construction site, we remind you that it is very important to remain attentive to the restriction signs that are posted on site and to follow the detour routes that are marked out for your safety.


The Tak Village team







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