Taste the Season: Top 5 Spring Farmers Markets in Town

Montreal is filled with incredible farmer’s markets across the city. Offering up fresh produce, cheeses, chocolates, pastry treats and even wine, patrons are invited to explore all of the delicacies that the province has to offer. With spring just around the corner, we’re listing five of Montreal’s best markets that you can gather with locals, and eat your way through!

Jean Talon

Jean Talon is the city’s biggest public market and one of the oldest and largest in North America. Nestled within Little Italy, Jean Talon is open year round, and just a quick 8-minute walk from Ateliers Castelnau. Boasting array of fresh produce, local ice cream, butcher shops, exotic spices, cheese and fish mongers within the market, the area is also bordered with specialty shops, bakeries, cafes and restaurants too. This iconic landmark is not to be missed!

Marché des Éclusiers

Many take the opening of Marché des Éclusiers in the Old Port as a sign of warmer weather. This seasonal market is open yearly from June to the end of October. It’s a great place to take in the rich culture of Old Montreal, or lounge near the St. Lawrence River. Part restaurant and bar, this micro-market allows you to eat and shop local without having to leave the downtown core. The food served at their resto by the water is prepared with ingredients you can purchase on site, showcasing the seasonal fruits, veggies and products of la belle province.

Atwater Market

Just a six-minute bike ride from the NOCA Condos in Griffintown, Atwater Market is the perfect spot to spend your mornings. During the winter the market is mainly situated inside, with the exception of Christmas trees through the holiday season. Once the warm weather arrives, Atwater becomes a bustling open-air market with farmer stalls, florists, and even a seasonal food court! Inside you’ll find family run butchers, a bakery, cafes, cheese shops, epiceries and more. While it’s not as large as Jean Talon, it’s a favourite of many Montrealers!

Maisonneuve Market

The small but mighty Maisonneuve Market has been around since 1910, serving locals of the Hochelaga-Maisonneuve neighbourhood. Situated across the street from the original structure, the market is opened year round spilling out into the surrounding area come warmer weather. Everything you need for a gastronomic feast can be found here, along with new and exciting products arriving daily. Their maple festival is not to be missed!

Lufa Farms

While it’s not a Farmer’s Market, this local food basket company is a perfect option for those who are just too busy or live too far from a market. In fact, just a nine-minute drive from the Alvéo Townhouses in Mirabel, Lufa Farms has a drop-off point available to customers! Choose from a variety of rooftop grown veggies, produce from local farms and artisanally made in Montreal products in their digital marketplace. The subscription-based service ensures that your pantry is always full of delicious, fresh and regional goods 365 days a year.

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