The Art of Lavish Living in a Small Space: 5 Tips for Decorating Your Condo

Tips for Decorating Your Condo in a Small Space

ArtHaus Condos offers a unique collection of 89 condominium suites artfully curated for comfortable urban living. Enhance your condo’s style and function by smartly decorating your suite from head to toe in small space style. ArtHaus Condos offers you these 5 tips to decorate your condo and live lavishly in a small space.

Smart Scale

Tips for Decorating Your Condo in a Small Space

When choosing furniture pieces ensure that they fit the scale of your square footage. Your space will feel much larger. If you don’t have room for a coffee table, refrain from squeezing one in- it will only make your room feel cramped. Instead, opt for a larger side table to rest remote controls and magazines. This doesn’t mean, however, that you can’t have a few large pieces–merely ensure they’re strategically placed. If your television console won’t fit in your available square footage, look upwards! Mount a large flatscreen on the wall or tuck it into a bookshelf. Make the most of your usable vertical space, and you will find plenty of room to perfectly furnish your condominium in style.

Make use of light

Tips for Decorating Your Condo in a Small Space

Natural light is a small space’s best friend. Maximize yours by placing mirrors on opposite walls from your windows to reflect and spread the light. Mirrors double the visual space in a small home and reflect light and colour to add visual interest. You may even want to think beyond the wall when looking for places to add mirrors. Reflective tile backsplashes increase the size of a small kitchen, while mirrored furniture provides an unexpected reflective surface, and large mirrored panels on a closet door appear like additional windows. Keep your Byward views visible and opt for woven blinds or sheer privacy curtains to filter sunlight rather than block it. In addition to natural rays, painting hues and dominant furniture colours light will brighten the overall mood.

Cohesive Colour & Style

Tips for Decorating Your Condo in a Small Space

Make your open floor plan feel cohesive by visually connecting your condo’s rooms through a unified colour palette, material story, or overall style. Make adjacent rooms flow in your open floor plan by avoiding drastic style changes throughout your space. A space  that seamlessly flows together as if the areas are extensions of each other rather than several small, disjointed areas, will make your condo look larger. A lack of square footage doesn’t mean your home has to be bland. Create a lavish look by incorporating large-scale patterns and bright-colored accents. Bold wallpaper in a colour scheme that connects your rooms, or bright drapery hung close to the ceiling, will create focal points to distract the eye from the lack of excess space.

Creative Storage

Tips for Decorating Your Condo in a Small Space

Get creative when it comes to storage areas and carve out more useable square footage. Incorporating floor-to-ceiling shelving, utilizing the space above the window frame, and adding built-in seating, maximizes the functionality of a small room. Placing a sofa in front of the bookcases creates unexpected, hidden storage on the shelves behind it. In a petite kitchen, rather than using counter space for decorative bowls or knick-knacks, utilize the space under the upper cabinets for hanging utensil storage so your drawers and cabinets are free to hide less-attractive necessities. In the powder room or bathroom, forgo a blank wall above the toilet in favor of a hanging cabinet to increase your closed storage space.

Double duty furnishing

Tips for Decorating Your Condo in a Small Space

This day in age the choices are  plentiful for furniture pieces that do double duty: a chair and a bed? Check. Storage in a bench? Check. If you won’t be working from home all that often but want to give yourself the option, a fold-down standing desk makes for a great home office. When it comes to a major space-saving solution for the living room, a modular storage unit that functions as a coffee table or even extra seating is a staple.  A classic, double-duty sleeper sofa works as the perfect solution if your condo doesn’t have a guest bedroom. And luckily these sleeper sofas have gone from “OMG, I have to sleep on this?” to “this is better than a bed”! In the master bedroom, opt for a dresser in place of night stands to maximize storage. And lastly don’t forget to invest in some folding chairs for entertaining. There are some super chic options available now and trust us, you won’t even realize these chairs are related to those plastic ones of the past.

ArtHaus’ condominiums feature intelligently-designed layouts, ideally amenable to small scale modern living. An artfully decorated space will let you live lavishly in the heart of the ByWard Market

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