The Downtown’s Excitement

The summer season usually brings a lot of excitement! Montreal is attractive with its multiple events and festivals. Tourists, as Montrealers, always enjoy the festive atmosphere that emerges.

Built in an historic building, in the heart of the events, at the corner of Saint-Laurent and Saint-Dominique, the project of Saint-Dominique condominiums brings a lot of excitement with its neighborhood. Whether it is the popularity of the terraces surrounding the project or the festivals that take place from June to August in the Quartier des spectacles, residents are always pampered.

Coming festivals and events

FrancoFolies de Montréal
From June 9th to 18th, 2016

With its nearly 70 indoor shows and 180 free outdoor concerts, the FrancoFolies de Montréal is the rendez-vous of French music lovers. With big names in music like Thomas Fersen, Marc Dupré, Koriass, Safia Nolin, Jean Leloup, Louise Attaque, Les Trois Accords and Bernard Adamus, the festival is a good premise for the summer season that will be upon us. For the complete program, click here.

Source: Facebook | © Dominique Viau
Source: Facebook | © Dominique Viau

International Jazz Festival of Montreal
From June 29th to July 9th, 2016

The International Jazz Festival of Montreal is considered the biggest jazz festival in the world. With the presence of nearly 30 countries, 3,000 musicians, 1,000 concerts, activities and entertainment, fifteen indoor scenes and tenth outdoor scenes, the festival received over 2 millions music lovers. This year, artists like Rufus Wrainwright, Lauryn Hill, Aretha Franklin, Tony Bennett, Champion, Poirier and Radio Radio are part of the program! Do not miss it! For the complete program, click here.

Source: Facebook | © Benoit Rousseau
Source: Facebook | © Benoit Rousseau

From July 7th to 31st, 2016

It is the perfect event to discover emerging talent in the media of humor, music, theater, cabaret and entertainment, both English and French. There is something for everyone, and at every night for 25 days. It’s a rich program that makes you want to go out and explore. For the complete program, click here.

Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook

Just for Laugh Festival
From July 16th to 31st, 2016

Just for Laugh Festival do not needs introduction! Created 30 years ago, the event attracts monster crowds of people in downtown of Montreal. Both are tourists and locals who want to discover the great comedians worldwide. For the complete program, click here.

Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook

You would like to experience the excitement of downtown? Contact us or visit our Saint-Dominique condominiums project. The location and atmosphere are more than inviting!

Featured Photo: © Travelodge

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