The nearby merchants

Finding everything in the neighborhood is one of the advantages of living in the city. Going out of our condo, walking a few blocks and discovering a wide variety of boutiques where you can buy fresh and local products all year round. Each borough has a commercial street where we can find everything: bakery, butcher, grocery, pharmacy and even some fashion boutiques.

Castelnau and Ateliers Castelnau Projects

The Castelnau and Ateliers Castelnau projects are located at the edge of Little Italy. The commercial street of Saint-Laurent Boulevard, Jean-Talon Market and its merchants offer a wide variety of products and services to respond to the residents and visitors’ needs. With its restaurants including Café Epoca, Impasto, Pizzeria Gema and Porchetta, its grocery stores and food markets such as Ils en fument du bon, Fromagerie Hamel, Fruiterie Milano and La Bièrothèque, and shops like Quincaillerie Dante, residents will find everything within five kilometers.

Beaumont Project

The Beaumont condominiums project will be built in NDG. The Monkland Avenue and Sherbrooke Street are the two commercial streets that offer a wide variety of products and services to respond to the residents’ needs. There are a lot of trendy boutiques such as Must Boutique, Boutique 1861, Lacoste, restaurants like the Monkland Tavern, B & M and Prohibition Montreal. Moreover, with the construction of an IGA on the ground floor, residents will be constantly near a grocery store. What more can you ask for?

You are looking for the perfect place to live? Feel free to walk around in the neighborhood to count the businesses that interest you. It might help you to determine the location of your next condo.

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