The Waldorf’s Story : The Ogilvie

Living in the the heart of the city’s most historical neighbourhood provides an urban lifestyle of incomparable convenience, and opens up an endless offerings of arts, culture, and preeminent dining, steps from our state-of-the-art lobby. For soon-to-be retirees such as us, ArtHaus Condo’s ‘The Ogilvie’ is amenable to a life of leisure, travel, and all-around simplification of our hard-earned years of repose.

We’re the Waldorfs: a couple of baby boomers moving eagerly into our life’s next exciting chapter. Not

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having any mortgage payments or debt has afforded us the freedom to invest in a condominium–which offers a more manageable operating budget. ArtHaus’ ‘The Ogilvie’ represents a downsize from our long-time family home at the Glebe, yet gives us the space we need; with two bedrooms, two baths and an interior of 1146 square feet and 43 foot private balcony–and stunning views of Ottawa’s skyline.

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Surrounded by local amenities, the urban landscape offers us conveniences abound that surpass that of suburbia. Unique shops and fanciful boutiques string the streets of The Byward, and culinary delectations of every cultural cuisine give the Market its worldly flavour. The cosmopolitan culture of high quality, trend setting products and bustling streets mix with the old-time charm of secluded courtyards and modest cafes, giving Byward the quaint feel of being part of a community. This unique mix is beautifully embodied by the thriving outdoor market featuring fresh flowers, fruits and vegetables and local artisans only to be found in Ottawa’s historic Byward.

One of our foremost retirement goals has been to spend more time travelling on our sailboat. Living in a condo makes this pleasure much more effortless: all we have to do is simply lock our door and head out for our travels. Freedom from chores associated with a single home–the landscaping, maintenance, and the shoveling and salt-laying required by our Canadian winters are no longer a thought.

Our corner ‘Ogilvie’ interior is a fluid and flexible open concept design that is efficient in everyday living. Ultra-modern architecture with its sleek, clean and minimalist lines gives us that stylish aesthetic, along with the finest features of quartz countertops, nine foot ceilings, a glass shower and hardwood flooring.

As part of Ottawa’s mix use development, our ArtHaus condo sits atop the capital’s central landmark which takes up the mantle as a leader in the premier arts community. When not relaxing in our new home overlooking the beautiful Byward, a world of our country’s best offerings are at our feet. Mixing and mingling with the scene’s most compelling artists at the gallery’s soirees, taking in a jazz show at a local club or indulging in world-class fine dining–ArtHaus Condos is convenient urban living for the young at heart.

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