Three New Parks to be Built in Griffintown…and how you can help

Griffintown has become one of the most sought-after and vibrant neighbourhoods in Montreal, and with good reason. Choosing to make your home in the NOCA phase 2 condo project is to benefit from a unique opportunity: residents will enjoy exceptional views, both of the lush green spaces around the canal and of the downtown core, as NOCA is ideally located with all necessary amenities within walking distance. The project is a truly fruitful fusion of chic, forward-looking style and the needs of a busy, modern lifestyle—in an area of the city that is reinventing itself in truly incredible ways.

Three new parks on the horizon

It’s only natural given the neighbourhood’s ongoing efforts at redefining itself, that the city of Montreal is building three new parks in the condo-dense area. If you are a Griffintown resident, the city is looking for your input on what sort of green spaces you think are suitable for the area. In January, the Ville de Montreal, along with the Sud-Ouest borough held the first of three citizens’ meetings, which was attended by 250 residents and business owners from Griffintown and Little Burgundy who participated in a series of workshops aimed at producing a united vision for the concept of the parks-to-be. In March, citizens were also invited to participate in a design workshop on two of the parks being developed. A third meeting will be held this spring to present drawings of the all the possible designs. Those seeking more information or wishing to be included on a mailing list to receive updates should visit

The Griffintown parks are set to be built on the corners of St-Thomas and Ottawa Sts., Peel and Ottawa Sts., and Ann and Ottawa Sts, sure to add a beautiful sprinkling of greenery to the up-and-coming neighbourhood, which already benefits from its proximity to the natural settings around the canal.

Convinced you’d like to move into the area and join the ranks of lucky Griffintown residents? You’ll love NOCA Phase 2’s sharp contemporary design. Every space has been carefully conceived so you can enjoy a well-rounded, active, social, and professional life at full convenience, with access to stunning green spaces to boot! To acquire a gorgeous condo in Griffintown’s NOCA phase 2, register here!

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