Top Ski Resorts to Enjoy Near Mirabel

Winter in Quebec can be a brutal affair – there’s blistering cold, icy streets, and sometimes the very act of leaving the comfort of home feels like embarking on an arduous journey. However, the first snowfall does serve as a harbinger for at least one activity that is a respite against the harshness of the season; skiing. 

Looking to hit the slopes this winter? We’ve got you covered with this advantageous guide to the top ski resorts near Mirabel! With a plethora of gorgeous new townhouses for sale in Mirabel, we expect that these resorts will be wildly popular this winter season!


Few ski resorts in Quebec boast the size, scope, and penchant for excellence that define Tremblant, a year-round resort located in the heart of Quebec’s Laurentian Mountains. With its lush terrains and diverse trails, Mont Tremblant effortlessly emanates an infectious charm to the hundreds of thousands of skiers that flock to its esteemed ski resort. At just an hour’s drive from Mirabel, Tremblant is a paradise for any ski aficionado hoping to have a good time, fast. 

In the winter, Tremblant features over 750 acres of skiable terrain and 100 ski trails, making it one of the most popular ski destinations in Canada. During the summer months, the area is a hotspot for canoeing, cycling, and golfing. Regardless of the season, visitors can be sure of one thing; there’s always something to do at Tremblant! 

Mont Blanc

Looking for a resort that offers style, substance, and everything in between? The Mont Blanc Ski Resort has what you’re looking for! Located just 90 kilometres north of the new townhouses for sale in Mirabel, the Mont Blanc Ski Resort is ideal for an exhilarating weekend getaway.

Surrounded by mountains and lakes, the family-owned resort has it all – a picturesque countryside, rich biodiversity, and a myriad of natural landmarks. In addition to the area’s stunning natural beauty, skiers can also enjoy a variety of trails, from glades and bumps to bunny trails and double diamonds. At Mont Blanc, there truly is something for everyone! 

Sommet Saint-Sauveur

Among the numerous resorts that turn the Laurentians into a national hotspot for skiers, none can compare to the popularity, success, and excitement of Sommet Saint-Sauveur. 

A half-hour drive from the Mirabel townhouses, Sommet Saint-Sauveur is a world-class ski resort that features a family-friendly atmosphere and superb ski conditions. Indeed, the resort’s claim to fame is its certified instructors, competitive prices, and a snow quality that responds to Quebec’s unpredictable winters. Most notably, the resort is one of the few mountains in Quebec that offers night skiing, an immersive experience like no other!

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