View This Checklist Before Moving Into Your Brand New Condo.

The deal is done! You’ve managed to snag the condo of your dreams, and your days of paying rent to a landlord are over. However, as moving day approaches, make sure you’ve filled out this very important checklist. You can save yourself a lot of moving day headaches!

Condo Insurance

Condo insurance is a must. Too many people moving into their units neglect to buy appropriate coverage, with The Montreal Gazette revealing the results of a major Quebec survey that showed up to seventy per cent of condo owners were under-insured. Remember that in Quebec, there are two types of condo insurance: mandatory condo corporation insurance, and co-owner insurance. The latter is where you come in. According to CAA Quebec, this covers your personal property, as well as civil liability. Common mistakes could lead to damage to your unit or one belonging to a neighbour, so you want to be covered. You also need to be covered for any upgrades or renovations you make to the unit. Better safe than sorry!


Do you have your unit’s exact measurements? Often neglected, this can be an invaluable tool when deciding what kind of furnishings to buy, or what to take with you on your move. Let’s say you have a sectional, but there’s not enough room. Better to know before you move it than after. The same goes for regular, easy-to-forget things like curtains and blinds. Know the dimensions of your windows first, so you know what you need to get.

Change your address

Here’s another moving tip that’s easy to forget. It’s always a good idea to change your mailing address right before you make your move, and you can even do this online. Fill out the change of address form on the Canada Post website, print it out and bring it to the post office. In addition, visit the Quebec government website, where you can change your address for all provincial documents. In terms of changing your address for the federal government, head to the Revenue Canada website and complete the corresponding form. Start the process of changing your address a few months ahead before you actually move.

Set up utilities, Internet and cable

Make sure to set up your heat, hot water and electricity with Hydro-Quebec before your move, as it’ll avoid problems down the road. Visit the Hydro-Quebec website, which is specifically designed for this purpose. By going online, you’ll save $25 in administration fees. The same principle applies for the Internet: go to the website of your provider: there is always a tab where you can complete a change of address form.

Schedule your move with the property manager

Here’s another important piece of advice – make sure the property manager knows when you’re moving in. Unscheduled moves can be a big headache for your new neighbours, and a property manager can help you get space for your moving truck, notify your neighbours if necessary, and even block off a service elevator if you need it.

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