What are the Benefits of Living on The Ground Floor?

The top-floor penthouse may have a reputation for being the most desirable choice in an apartment block, but there is a lot to be said for opting for something a little closer to earth. 

The benefits of living on the ground floor might not be immediately apparent when pitched against apartments with scenic views, but there are certainly reasons why life on the ground level can be better. Here are just some of the benefits of living on the ground floor: 

No climbing stairs

Whether you are a senior, a parent of young children, or mobility-impaired, living on the ground floor eliminates the need to climb stairs with bags, strollers or other heavy objects. It won’t be long until you reap the benefits of having no stairs to contend with. 

Easy outdoor access

By living on the ground floor, you have the easiest access to your development’s outdoor areas. So much so, communal areas will be made to feel like they belong entirely to you. And while those higher up in the building will have a balcony, the ground floor will have a garden-like terrace space that is often a more appealing proposition. 

Move-in day

It’s not just the daily shopping trip with bags that’s easier on the ground floor, when you move in or out of a ground floor condo you’ll reap the rewards of having easy access. Moving home is always a physical and logistical challenge and many can even put off a move to avoid the stress. 

But not having to carry furniture up several flights of stairs makes moving into a ground floor apartment all the easier. The same can be said further along the line when you refurbish or make any renovations to your apartment.


Many homeowners believe ground floor apartments are more prone to theft but this claim has no accuracy. 

Ground floor apartments are no more susceptible to theft than other apartment and in a low-crime area such as Montreal, homeowners should feel extremely safe.

In terms of privacy, there’s no chance of you or your neighbours disturbing each other, either. Nobody lives below you and modern condos now have a soundproof barrier that separates each unit.

Ground floor condos in Montreal

If you’re looking for a ground floor condo in Montreal, Tak Village is a new Scandinavian-inspired project in the heart of Rosemont-Angus. The development is currently holding a promotion on ground floor units with no condo fees for a full year if you purchase one of the condos before September 30th. 

Tak Village is a unique real estate project that will provide 257 units, from one to four bedrooms. Green, peaceful and welcoming, Tak is an accessible and unique inspiration that embodies human, social and environmental core values.

To get in on the action and to find the right condo for you, visit Tak Village or call one of our agents at 514-900-3434.

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