What You Need to Know About the Future Griffintown REM Station

After months of public consultations and speculation, the City of Montreal has finally unveiled the location of the Bassin Peel station for its $6.3-billion Réseau express métropolitain (REM) network, and there are major implications for those interested in condos for sale in Griffintown.

But where exactly will the REM station be built? And when will it begin operating? And what exactly does the station mean for Griffintown condo owners? Don’t worry, we have you covered with everything you need to know about the Peel Bassin REM station!

Location, Location, Location

Although the exact location of the Peel Bassin station has yet to be revealed, the city has said it will be situated somewhere in Griffintown. The Griffintown light-rail station will be part of the South Shore branch of the REM, which includes stations on Île-des-Soeurs and Rive-Sud. In addition to serving the South Shore, the REM system will eventually reach into the West Island, the Montréal-Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport and Deux-Montagnes.

NOCA Condo Owners, Rejoice!

In addition to enjoying a prime location in a burgeoning area, proprietors of NOCA condos have yet another reason to smile, as they are a stone’s throw away from the new station. But the construction of this station doesn’t just signify that NOCA condo owners will soon be connected to the most comprehensive and efficient transport network in Montreal’s history; it also means that the value of their home will be significantly increased in the very near future.

The Future is Closer than You Think

The Griffintown light-rail station and other stations on the South Shore branch are scheduled to open in 2021. By 2023, the REM is expected to have 23 stations spread over 67 kilometres, with trains running 20 hours a day and departures every 2.5 to 20 minutes. In short, NOCA condo proprietors can experience the highly anticipated light-rail network before anyone else on the island!

It’s All in the Name

Last week, Montreal Mayor Valérie Plante announced she had proposed to name the future station in Griffintown after late Quebec premier Bernard Landry. On Twitter, Plante said that naming the station after the premier would be an ideal way to pay tribute to the politician, who died in 2018. But while the station is tentatively called “Griffintown-Bernard-Landry”, it should be noted that some members of Montreal’s Irish community are dissatisfied with the proposal, claiming that the name should have Irish connotations due to the history of the location.

The Return of the Montreal Expos?

While the exact location of the station remains unknown, it has been confirmed that it will be located north of the Lachine Canal so as not to converge on an area being eyed for a new baseball stadium. Indeed, Stephen Bronfman’s Montreal Group has expressed its desire to build an open stadium of 30,000 seats in the sector in a bid to welcome the return of the Expos. While the plans for the stadium are still being developed, it is certain that a new entertainment venue of that magnitude would dramatically increase the value of DevMcGill’s NOCA condos.

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