What’s new in Villeray

The Castelnau condominiums project is built in Villeray – Saint-Michel – Park Extension, a booming neighborhood. Several new businesses have emerged in the sector in the recent months and many more will emerge soon. Let see which one are worth to visit.

L’épicerie LOCO

Recently opened, this grocery store is primarily a socio-ecological project that wants to offer a concrete solution to citizens who wish to adopt a lifestyle with zero waste and a healthy diet. Loco proposes a wide selection of fresh products: fruits and vegetables, herbs, bakery, coffee, dairy products, eggs, meat substitutes, condiments, oils and vinegars, spreads, dry products including nuts, cereals, flour, sugar, pasta and animal products. There are also frozen and ready-to-eat products.

Loco is not a grocery store like the others. Its purpose is to remove the packaging to make food more affordable, and more significantly, reduce the materials destined for landfill site and recycling. So, prepare your jars and your reusable bags, and go shopping according to your needs.

Pascal le boucher

This new artisanal and ecoresponsible butcher opened in Spring 2016. His philosophy is simple: eat less meat, but choose wisely! Located on St. Denis Street, close to Jarry Street, this butchery offers local and fresh products. A perfect place to discover new meal cuts and taste them at your Saturday night dinner.

Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook

Lili + Théo

This boutique, formerly located in Ahuntsic-Cartierville, moved on St. Hubert Street, in Villeray, in order to offer more to its customers. Children’s toys, baby accessories, gifts, this boutique offers a wide selection of productions for new families.

Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook

Enjoy your nearby shops to do your shopping.

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