Where To Eat At The Jean-Talon Market

The Jean-Talon Market is an iconic Montreal landmark dating back to the 1930s, serving as a focal point where customers can buy fresh food throughout the year from vendors. Located on the edge of Little Italy, the market borders the Mile-Ex – a unique and up-and-coming neighbourhood that boasts a range of new condo developments.

If you’re a foodie, this is the perfect area for you. Here are the top hotspots to explore at Jean-Talon Market!

Crêperie du Marché

A trip to Jean-Talon Market isn’t complete without a visit to the Crêperie du Marché, which serves mouth-watering crepes made with organic ingredients and also has gluten-free options. The founder, and resident crepe-maker named Jérôme, is a French expat that fell in love with this culinary treat while on vacation in Brittany, a region in Northern France.

When he moved to Quebec with his family, he saw an opportunity to open up a small artisanal shop in the iconic Jean-Talon Market. For the last decade, Crêperie du Marché has served as a local gem in the neighbourhood, and locals can’t get enough. If it’s your first time visiting, you have to try the mushroom crepe made with fresh béchamel sauce, organic ham, and a bit of cheese – it just melts in your mouth!

Where To Eat At The Jean-Talon Market

La Fromagerie Hamel

There’s no denying Quebecers adore cheese. A cheese platter paired with charcuterie and a glass of wine is the perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon with your friends and family. But where does one buy the actual cheese?

Avoid the generic cheddar and mozzarella bricks in your local grocery store and head to La Fromagerie Hamel in the heart of Jean-Talon Market. Ian Picard serves as the head cheesemonger and selects the high-quality cheeses from around the world. Picard’s family also founded the iconic “Le Pic” label, which is exclusively sold at La Fromagerie Hamel.

We highly suggest sampling their Camembert cheese, which is exclusively imported by plane every few weeks from France. If you’re not a fan of soft cheeses, ask for the “Comté 3 ans A.O.P.” As the name suggests, it’s aged for three years and has a strong intensity, and therefore pairs well with a glass of white wine.

Where To Eat At The Jean-Talon Market

Tête Carrée

If you’re on a budget and looking for a fresh meal in the Jean-Talon Market, head straight to Tête Carrée. This institution serves unique flatbread creations topped with locally-sourced ingredients throughout the year.

Since the menu changes frequently, you never really know what you’re going to get, but owner/chef Josh Lauridsen knows how to blend flavours to create a delicious and tantalizing result. The last time we sampled the food at Tête Carrée, Lauridsen topped a flatbread with fresh ricotta cheese, slow-roasted potatoes and tomatoes, beets, and a dash of Cajun spice. The meal was divine and cemented the restaurant as a true gem of the Jean-Talon Market.

Where To Eat At The Jean-Talon Market

Le Café Du Marché

We cannot complete this list without mentioning Le Café Du Marché, a coffee shop that serves some of the best cappuccinos and lattes in Montreal. During the summer months, they also specialize in cold brews that differ in richness compared to your generic Starbucks order. If you’re passing by during the morning hours, sit back and enjoy a casual coffee and sample their breakfast menu while observing the hustle and bustle of Jean-Talon Market.


If you’ve fallen in love with this landmark, explore the Ateliers Castelnau condo project nearby in the Mile-Ex. It’s a quick 8-minute walk to the market so you can enjoy these shops and restaurants all year long. For more information call (514) 900-2290 or visit AteliersCastelnau.com.

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