Winter getaway in the heart of Montreal : (re)discover the Mount Royal Park

Winter doesn’t (only) mean hide out under the covers, with a hot chocolate and a good TV show. Take a breath of fresh air without leaving Montreal and rebound with the winter season. 

With its 200 hectares of pure nature and the hundreds of species living there, the “mountain” is seen as the lung of Montreal. In the heart of the city, Mount Royal Park is, no matter the season, an oasis of pleasure for citizens.  

Other than the traditional hike to the Belvedere, the Mount Royal Park has a diverse selection of activities to satisfy all generations. 


Beaver Lake Ice Skating Rink

Every year, the arrival of the ice skating rinks officially marks the beginning of winter.  Whether you want to spend time with your family, have a good laugh with your friends or impress your date, Beaver’s Lake is the place to go. You can even skate to the beat of the music during the evenings, Thursdays through Sundays! ‘70, ‘80, ‘90, ‘00 or classical music, choose your theme and lace up your skates! 

You do not own a pair of ice skates? The Beaver Lake Pavilion rents all the equipment you need. You can even find a skating support bar (officially for children) for the most inexperienced!



Mount Royal Park has got a 3km snowshoe hiking trail (an excursion of approximately 1h30). If you want to add a cultural dimension to the activity, Les Amis de la Forêt organize guided excursions. Learn more about the rich heritage of Mount Royal and discover all the secrets of the forest, before warming yourself up with a well-deserved hot chocolate at the Café des Amis. 


Cross-country Skiing

One of the numerous advantages of having a mountain right in the middle of the city is that you can enjoy winter sports every weekend, without getting stuck in Montreal’s well-known traffic. Bring your equipment, or rent it at the Pavilion, and ski on the 22km trail of the Mount Royal (for free!). Private or group lessons are also offered for children and adults. It’s time to polish your technique!


Snow Tubing

Bring traditional sledding to a whole new level with snow tubing. Enjoy the reserved corridors and try the tubes. Laughter is guaranteed. There is no age limit to slide down the hill so hold on tight! 


Mount Royal Chalet:

For the more cold sensitive crowd, you can always warm up in front of the chimney at the Mount Royal Chalet, a hot chocolate or a pastry in hand. A free exposition is also held in the basement, retracing the evolution of winter sports and activities in the mountain throughout the years. 


Bird Feeder Circuit

You can observe the dozens of bird species that reside in the mountain in winter by  taking a walk along the pedestrian trails, where feeders were installed to that effect. You can do La Boucle Du Sommet (2,2km) or, for the most tenacious, Chemin Olmstred (8,3km) and try to distinguish all the species! 


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